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Clean Sweep = Clean Streets + Clean Streams

Since 1984, Clean Sweep has been the premier provider of professional street sweeping services throughout Tennessee and
Georgia. Today, Clean Sweep continues to excel in the street cleaning industry by improving brand perception and the environment while minimizing waste caused by runoff.  Learn more about why street sweeping is so important to your business and community.

Benefits of Street Sweeping

  • Through removal of trash and toxins off of streets and roadways, the quality of life for workers, customers, and residents is improved.
  • Street and parking lot sweeping reduces runoff and improves water quality
  • Rental properties benefit by having clean parking lots and clean water systems reduces pests and allergens.
  • Maintaining streets to be free of hazardous materials or flammable items, such as tree trimmings, reduces fire risks for neighborhoods.

We are open 24/7 and can handle all of your sweeping services, property cleaning and maintenance needs. Our services include:

Our street sweeping services are available in the following locations:

Choose Clean Sweep for Street Sweeper Services

Clean Sweep provides industrial-grade, full-service street sweeper services. We specialize in Industrial Sweeping, Construction Site Sweeping, Municipal Street and Roadway Sweeping and Commercial Property Maintenance.

In addition, we offer water quality management services to reduce runoff and improve water quality, as well as facilities maintenance including the care of parking lots, grounds and vacant properties.  Contact Clean Sweep, Inc.  today or call us at 423-877-9192 for more information.

Be sure to update your "In Case of Emergency" contact information on a regular basis. When the unthinkable happens to your property after hours, we are usually the ones to identify the issue. Make sure we have the proper contact information in our database so that we can take care of emergency notifications and services as soon as possible.

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  • Watkins Retail Group

    Nancye Vernier, Property Manager"We manage nine shopping centers in three states so I know what a special company this is. I can't say enough good things about Clean Sweep or give them a higher recommendation."
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Chattanooga Fire Department and Fire Training Center Extrication Training and Testing - Three Day Event Cleaned Up By Clean Sweep, Inc.On April 8th, 2017, Firefighters from Hamilton County and surrounding counties came together at the Chattanooga Fire Department Training Center to training on advanced vehicle extrication. This training and testing provided newer firefighters with the tools and knowledge to help save lives while also allowing seasoned first responders to share with each other and others in training their real world experiences.  The coming together of the regions firefighting crews is an annual event and is held in different locations each time.  The training was setup with several different scenarios from cars pinned under tractor trailers, vehicles wrapped around telephone poles, cars with crushed roofs, drivers impaled and various other real world scenarios based on existing historical response reports from the area. The test dummies used in each test were set with triggers that would report success or failure during the extrication.  Some of these tests were as simple as placing a bottle of water on the dummy that would spill if the patient was moved more than needed for a successful life saving extrication.

When Hamilton County and the Chattanooga Fire Department's Training Center was selected for this year's extrication training event, the chief made a personal visit to Clean Sweep, Inc. Chief Rip Rohen from Hamilton County, Tennessee's Fire Department and Emergency Services, asked Clean Sweep to help out the first responders in this honored hosting of the vehicle extrication training and testing at the local training center. Without hesitation, Peter Phillips of Clean Sweep, Inc. committed to helping clean up the mess after the three day event.

Chattanooga Fire Department and Fire Training Center Extrication Training and Testing - Three Day Event Cleaned Up By Clean Sweep, Inc.






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