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Each year it becomes more and more evident that street sweeping is a vital service for a myriad of industries, from property management to construction. Street sweeping is a dynamic solution to concerns for aesthetics, safety, cleanliness, and the environment. With all the benefits in mind, it’s no wonder that organizations consider street sweeping an important component of their annual budget. Here are the top three reasons to hire a street sweeper:

It’s no secret that people expect the best from their shopping and living experiences. With an increased use of reviews to praise and criticize businesses, apartment communities, and other properties online, it is more important now than ever to provide people with completely positive experiences – including appearances! Regularly scheduled street sweeping maintenance can help boost your property’s curb appeal. Whether you’re seeking to attract new customers or seeking to retain residents long-term, parking lot and property street sweeping are excellent methods for achieving a pristine exterior.

Maybe you have had an experience where debris from a construction project created an unsafe environment, or maybe your property’s parking lot is constantly covered with litter. Whatever the case may be, switch from a reactive to proactive maintenance strategy. Save yourself the stress and anxiety of wondering how you will maintain your project by hiring a reputable street sweeper.

As environmental awareness continues to increase, it is important for businesses and towns to demonstrate their eco-friendly status. Street sweeping is a great method for helping the environment by preventing trash and debris from entering stormwater drains and thus, preventing pollution of local waterways. By hiring a street sweeping service you are helping the environment and your reputation – a win-win situation!

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At Clean Sweep Inc, Our mission goes far beyond sweeping. Here are some other services we offer:

Facilities Maintenance

Clean Sweep, Inc. Power Sweeping Professionals - Chattanooga, Tennessee

The reasons to maintain your retail parking lots and surrounding entrance areas can directly effect your cash register.  

A litter filled parking lot will not only drive away a percentage of customers simply because of the appearance, it will also cause harm to your facilities.  When patrons visit your interior spaces after walking through a littered parking lot, their shoes will carry gravel and other harmful debri into your facilities.  This debri will cause damage to expensive floors and could even lead to legal issues when damaged facilities cause a patron to "slip and fall".  

You have worked hard to build your clientele, from the tenants in your facilities to the customers in their stores, be sure to invest in your long term strategy and keep your tenants and customers coming back year after year.

Our Retail Parking Lot services include:
Retail Power Sweeping Professionals

  • Vacuum sweep parking areas
  • Sweep drive lanes and rear of property
  • Parking Garage Sweeping
  • GPS Tracking

There are many reasons why parking lot sweeping is important. We invite you to check out our PDF handouts that emphasize these, as well as other information that shows why partnering with Clean Sweep as your service provider is an excellent fit.

You have worked hard to build your clientele, from the tenants in your facilities to the customers in their stores, be sure to invest in your long term strategy and keep your tenants and customers coming back year after year.

Dirt and debris gather outside your facilities in the parking lots and sidewalks, this debris will cause damage to expensive floors and could even lead to legal issues when damaged facilities cause a patron to "slip and fall". Don't wait until it is too late to have your facilities reviewed and review our recommended solutions.

Property Owners and Facility Managers, we do provide remote maintenance services and vacancy management. 

Never worry about what your property is going to look like when you arrive with a potential tenant again. Let us take are of your properties while they are vacant, from "make ready" services that include cleaning, window washing and other services to prepare the property for the next tenant to providing viewing appointments for potential tenants. 

We can even take care of document signings and negotiations on your behalf. Call today to see how we can help your investment portfolio or property management company grow.

More Than Just Keeping the Grass Cut

At Clean Sweep, Inc. in Chattanooga, Tennessee, we provide all-in-one landscaping and groundskeeping services. Our goal is to offer a turn-key service for companies and property managers, whether in a single-building facility or a multi-building business park.

Comprehensive Landscaping and Groundskeeping

Our crews are ready to tackle everything from vegetation control to landscaping design and installation. In addition, we work directly with homeowners associations, building owners, and property managers to develop groundskeeping management plans. As a full-service commercial landscaping company, we have the tools and resources along with more than 30 years of experience ready to go to work for you.


Professional Power Washing

Get Your Shine On.

Dirt and build up quickly ruins the appearance of buildings and can also lead to costly damages down the road. Power pressure washing is the most economical way to efficiently clean the exterior of buildings, sidewalks and pavement. At Clean Sweep, Inc., we provide comprehensive retail, industral, and commercial pressure washing services to bring the life back to your investments. Choose our power pressure washing service to give your retail or commercial location a facelift today.

Commercial Power Washing Benefits

We use a heat-assisted pressure washer with a water temperature that reaches 200 degrees Fahrenheit and has 3000 psi. This outstanding combination is ready to tackle even the toughest of industrial-size messes. By choosing our commercial power washing service in southeastern Tennessee and northern Georgia, we provide the following:

  • Removal of dirt and grime from parking lots
  • Gum removal from pavement and asphalt
  • Mold and mildew removal
  • Cleaning of sidewalks and curbs

Our retail, industrial, and commercial pressure washing services are available in the following cities:

Clean Sweep Inc. will cover your power pressure washing needs throughout all four seasons. Contact Clean Sweep, Inc. today to get started with our commercial power washing services.


Dedicated to Cleanliness.

Clean Sweep, Inc. offers commercial property cleaning via porter cleaning services throughout Tennessee and Georgia. A porter cleaning service allows you to manage your business on the busiest of days without falling short on maintaining a clean and safe commercial space.

What are Porter Cleaning Services?

Porter cleaning services are vital for commercial spaces that experience a great deal of foot traffic. A porter cleaning service handles everything from garbage removal to tearing down meeting room setups. We work with property managers of multi-tenant properties, construction company crews, and contractors renovating commercial spaces.

Our Porter Cleaning Services Include:

  • Post-tenant clean-out including window washing, ceiling tile replacement, and broken door boarding
  • Landscaping for properties including sweeping walkways, weeding gardens and picking up pet litter
  • Bulk refuse hauling including large debris removal
  • Graffiti and paint removal from buildings, dumpster gates, signs, etc.
  • Lighting survey along with light bulb and total fixture replacement
  • Snow removal and street sweeping

Our commercial property cleaning and porter cleaning services are available in the following cities:

Along with providing the most comprehensive commercial property cleaning in Tennessee and Georgia, we also offer parking lot sweeping, asphalt repair and commercial landscaping services. To get started, contact Clean Sweep, Inc. today.


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What is Fugitive Dust?

Most property owners assume picking up trash translates to a clean parking area, but removing litter in plain sight is only part of the story.  Beneath visible debris, you’ll find dirt, road salt, and brake dust that wears out flooring and increases cleaning costs.  Keeping the inside of buildings clean is a good reason to sweep outside paved areas, but there is an equally important environmental consideration:  fugitive dust.  Microscopic particles of dried oil residue, pesticides / herbicides, and nutrients such as phosphorus and nitrogen are made airborne by breezes and the motion of passing cars, polluting our air and water.


Our Partnership with 1-800-SWEEPER has provided us with this informative video that explains exactly why fugitive dust should be a key consideration to anyone managing paved surfaces. At Clean Sweep, we can help. Contact us today! 

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Only Rain

Water is one of our most important natural resources and protecting that resource should be a top priority for business and individuals. There are many things that most people are aware of that impact water quality, however, some of the things that affect it the most go unnoticed. Street sweeping is, in fact, one of the best things cities and business owners can invest in for proper stormwater management and few people thinking of it this way. Consider the impact on water quality with these environmental results of street sweeping.

Stormwater Management

In one California city, a single year of street sweeping kept 220,000 pounds of debris out of storm drains. Different sweepers make a difference on how much is picked up. In this case, the Tymco 500x is used and is especially good at capturing miniscule particles. All sweepers do apart to prevent water and air pollution and to keep storm drains from getting backed up.

Wildlife Protection

Often roadside debris is not limited to normal or natural things like leaves and dirt. Unfortunately, humans add a particularly bad brand of garbage by tossing food and food containers on the roadside. This material often attracts animals out of their natural environment and into roadways where they are injured or killed.  Also, much of this food just isn’t healthy for animals. There are also containers and plastic pieces that can present choking hazards or be tangled around an animal’s body, wing, or leg.

Wetland Impact and Decreased Property Value

Runoff with high amounts of debris also damages wetlands leading to an unlivable environment for plant and animal life. Additionally, this ruins the aesthetics of these natural areas and can even bring down the value of surrounding properties.

Removal of Metal

Metal particles are a common part of the roadside debris that comes from vehicles and trash. These metals are detrimental to water life and other animals and even create air pollution by bonding to larger pieces. Larger metal pieces and other objects like rocks can also cause damage to cars, mostly by scraping the finish or hitting the underside.

Street sweeping is an often overlooked yet very important part of keeping our roads, waterways and air clean, but this nearly silent service has great impact. Stay on top of your sweeping needs with CLEAN SWEEP and do your part to keep your city clean and safe with our many local contractors available 24/7.


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