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COVID-19 Street Sweeping Services in Chattanooga Tennessee
We Are Open

As we are sure you are all aware of the recent orders from state government officials to shelter-in-place and limit nonessential business, as a specialty trade within the sanitation and cleaning industry, we are exempt from any lockdowns or statewide closures.

We will remain open and operating at our full capacity and on our normal schedule.

In addition, if your locations are continuing any level of operations, we recommend you continue sweeping service as normal as these locations will generate debris such as latex gloves, face masks, and wipes. If your location is not planning on continued operations and you are looking to reduce services, we are willing to work with you as a team to get through this pandemic together; however if we do not hear from you we will continue service as normal. If you find the need to reduce services at your location, contact our office to discuss an action plan that best fits your needs.

Please do not hesitate to contact us during normal business hours Monday-Friday 9am - 5pm. If an emergency does arise we are here for you 24/7. We appreciate your business and we will get through this together.

Stay safe and healthy.

Clean Sweep, Inc.
Office: 423-877-9192
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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It is a cold hard fact that winter can be much less than ideal. The cold, rain, sleet, snow and ice can provide a multitude of potential hazards for drivers.

The plowing of snow, and the application of rock salt, brine and other pre-treatment options for ice are crucial in creating safer road conditions for drivers. Unfortunately, these measures also weaken asphalt over time. As a municipal official, construction manager, property manager, or other decision maker, how do you address parking lot and street maintenance after winter weather? The answer is sweeping services. There are lots of reasons to sweep after bursts of winter weather. These include:

Durability & Longevity

Regular sweeping services ensure the long term durability, viability and longevity of paved surfaces after winter weather exacts its toll. Sweeping services can help protect the longevity of asphalt after a long winter of inclement weather. The sweepers we use spray water on the roadway to ensure particulates are swept from the road surface completely by the brushes. Don’t wait for spring to schedule sweeping services. The most effective approach to ensure pavement longevity is to proactively sweep after each and every winter event to minimize damage.

Impacts To The Environment

Sweeping leads to a longer serviceable lifespan for your pavement. But did you know that sweeping also has a positive environmental impact? Sweepers are able to remove road salt and other pollutants before they are washed into storm drains, which keeps those harmful elements out of waterways. This protects our watersheds from the negative impacts to fish and wildlife of sudden spikes in water salinity.

It Just Looks Better

Winter weather is drab and dull. When surfaces aren’t white with snow, they appear dull and grey. Cloudy skies and salt stained roads all contribute to this blah feeling. You can’t do anything to change the winter weather, but you can certainly improve the appearance of your paved surfaces post-winter weather by sweeping. Aesthetics do make a difference in how your business is perceived.

Enhanced Value

Regular sweeping will greatly enhance the appearance of a business with a parking lot. Should you decide to sell, a potential buyer is not going to want to incur the expense of repaving or repairing cracks a neglected lot. Future buyers are not going to want to budget for repaving or repair in a parking lot when they are already incurring the cost of a purchase. A regular maintenance schedule helps ensure an easier future sale.

Call or click Clean Sweep today to learn more about how our regular pavement sweeping services could impact your paved surfaces for the better.

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Chattanooga Seal Coating and Power Sweeping ServicesApart from greatly enhancing the appearance of your parking lot, sealcoating is the most important and effective regular maintenance to protect your investment. Sealcoating applied over asphalt helps protect against daily wear and destructive elements. Sealcoating is by far the most cost effective way to avoid unnecessary repair costs by protecting your pavement from the sun’s rays, snow, ice and salt. It will also protect your asphalt from hazardous chemicals such as gas and oil. While the attractive black finish it adds to your asphalt is wonderful, sealcoating also makes sweeping and cleaning much easier. Did you know that sealcoating costs a small fraction of the cost of repaving? Investing in regular sealcoating can extend the life of your asphalt considerably, which saves you even more money over time.

Attractive and visible line striping is also a very important element in a parking lot. Properly executed striping creates directional flow and provides a significantly stronger safety factor to your parking lot. In the absence of well executed striping, cars can simply drive wherever they want. This can also happen due to a poor striping layout, or poor quality striping that fades away quickly. Line striping should always consider safety first, followed by functionality.

It is imperative that handicapped parking spaces are clearly marked and follow all ADA requirements. You must also make sure that fire lanes are properly marked and clear. Striping should also include stop bars at all stop signs. When all the safety elements have been addressed, make sure you draw your outline to provide as many appropriately sized parking spaces as possible. Not sure if your parking lot is designed right? Call or click Clean Sweep. We will happily provide our expertise regarding what would work best in your particular parking lot.

No discussion of parking lot pavement maintenance would be complete without mentioning that regular sweeping and cleaning is absolutely critical to maintaining the cleanliness and quality of your parking lot. Your line striping, seal coating, and pavement itself will all last longer, and you will save significantly over the long term life of your pavement. Contact Clean Sweep today for the details.

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Winter is not the time to do anything outdoorsy in the mid South region. Parking lot sweeping in Tennessee is something of an exception.

Here are three reasons why:.


First and foremost, sweeping your lot any time of the year improves safety conditions for you, your employees and visitors to your property. Winter storms have a definite tendency to drop branches on trafficked roads and pour down cold rain that leaches oils up from the asphalt, where they’ve been building up all summer and fall. By dragging those obstructions away and pressure washing the residual grease off, your sweeping service helps keep the lot outside your store, rental property or office block clean and safe for public use.


With a clean lot, how can customers stay away? Actually, customers care a lot about how your grounds appear, as they care about easy parking and clear markings in the lot. Clean Sweep can help with all three of these issues. We can clear debris out of your driving and parking areas, pressure wash surfaces to clear away ground-in grime and old paint, and then stripe your lot with fresh, reflective high-visibility markings. The effect of these actions, which may be separately booked if only one or two services are needed, is to create a pleasant, clean-looking space people want to shop in. This effect is magnified if you have competing businesses nearby with dingy, branch-strewn lots that contrast with the attractive cleanliness of yours.

Fewer Problems Later

The essential act of parking lot sweeping is the sweeping, which powers off old dirt and grease. Frequent power washes also help address problems before they begin, or at least before they get worse. A pile of dropped leaves, for instance, starts out as a loose heap, but as cars and pedestrians’ feet repeatedly crush the pile, those leaves can get compacted and release their oils. In the rain, this tannin seeps into the cracks in the pavement and speeds the process of erosion on the asphalt or concrete. Just as letting cobwebs accumulate on your building’s exterior causes a faster accumulation of grime and dirt, so letting waste pile up in your lot during the winter months makes it harder to sweep away in spring.

Winter is not the best time to go outside, and it probably doesn't feel like the best time to do maintenance to your lot. It is important to realize that waste, litter, debris, and harmful chemicals are still accumulating and some types of debris pile up faster in winter than at any other time.

To learn more about what a professional parking lot sweeping in Tennessee in winter can do to help your commercial property, call for a phone consultation with our trained Clean Sweep staff today.


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