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"I have employees, buckets, and pickers. Why do I need a parking lot sweeper?"

This is an actual question that was asked of us by a client.

The answer is that utilizing your employees to clean up your parking lot is a labor cost-intensive process that removes only visible litter.

A parking lot sweeper with a single operator is a cost efficient solution that not only removes visible litter, it also removes aggregates that can drastically shorten the life of your parking lot striping and pavement surface. Furthermore, sweeping removes automotive fluids and other contaminants that can find their way into local waterways through storm drains. This results in a cleaner environment for us all.

All of this and more can be performed much more efficiently by a power sweeper than employees with pickers and buckets.


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Did you know? Every year, 8 million metric tons of plastic finds its way into our oceans. Single use plastic straws, bottles, cups and the like have devastating impacts on marine life.

Ocean Conservancy says plastics are believed to threaten at least 600 different wildlife species. One in three Leatherback Turtles, which often mistake plastic bags for edible jellyfish, have been found with plastic in their bellies. In February, a dead whale beached on Norway’s coast had 30 plastic bags in its stomach. Ninety percent of seabirds, including albatross and petrels, are now eating plastics on a regular basis. By 2050, that figure is expected to rise to 100 percent. It’s not just wildlife that’s threatened by the plastics in our seas. A growing body of evidence suggests humans are consuming plastics through the seafood we eat. The negative effects of ingesting toxic plastic and plasticizer chemicals on human health are only just beginning to be understood by medical science. It is now estimated that average European seafood consumers consume 11,000 microplastics every year. That number is stunning.

In the United States, the single biggest source of ocean plastic is litter. This litter finds its way into storm drains which empty directly into creeks and rivers and much of that litter eventually finds its way out onto beaches or into the ocean. Regular sweeping will remove litter from streets and parking lots before it can make its way into our waterways, thereby making a positive difference on the environment. At Clean Sweep, we will continue to take the environmental impact of our work very seriously.

You can help-and you can make a significant difference with a few lifestyle changes. The largest sources of ocean plastic are single use plastic bags (1 trillion discarded per year!), single use bottles and cups (500 million discarded per year!) and single use straws. (550 million discarded per year!) Stop using plastic straws, carry water and other beverages in a reusable container and carry your groceries in reusable canvas bags. These small lifestyle will cumulatively make a huge difference. 29067275 2035756803372589 3278410771112919040 o

         Image Courtesy of Ocean Conservancy.

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Clean Sweep TN

Several of the common questions we as sweeper operators get asked actually boil down to one very simple question...What's in it for me? Here are two ways you will benefit from regular pavement sweeping services.

1. Pavement Service Life
The service life of your pavement, striping, and sealant on your pavement's surface will be reduced by the abrasiveness of gravel, grit, & dirt. In addition, broken glass, paper, and loose leaves will chemically react with any standing water and contribute to a faster breakdown of pavement surfaces. Studies have shown that regular pavement sweeping schedules lead to fewer pavement repairs and significantly lower maintenance costs over time.

2 Litter
Litter is unsightly, and measurably devalues any property where it is allowed to accumulate nearby. Multiple studies clearly show that litter reduces the perceived value of a home to a potential buyer by 10%-25% depending on the severity of the litter problem.

For business owners, a dirty and littered parking lot and driveway or entryway leaves a negative first impression that remains with your customer as they enter your place of business. This negative first impression greatly informs how your customers view the rest of their experiences. A good first impression leads to a much better overall impression.

Contact the experts at Clean Sweep today!

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Why is Sweeping So ImportantThe average person thinks about street sweeping as a means to clear away noticeable debris on our roadways, such as a buildup of fall leaves or the litter left behind after a parade or street festival. While it is extremely important to clear away large debris, the smallest particles on roadways is ultimately why we sweep.

These small particles could contain any number of toxins, for example residue from exhaust fumes, gasoline, heavy metals from rust, and motor oils. These are easily carried by storm water through our storm drainage systems untreated into our streams, rivers and lakes. Sweeping drastically reduces the trash, debris, refuse and small particle contaminants reaching our waterways, making our environment cleaner.

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