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You never know where you are going to spot a hard working Clean Sweep power sweeping vehicle!  If you spot one, take a photo and send it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. If we select your photo for use on our website or on social media, you could win a prize!

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Clean Sweep - University of Tennessee ChattanoogaClean Sweep, IncForget Cut Rite, use the Right Services today, use Clean Sweep for quality services, not cut rate services.Don't use Cut Rite for Cut Rate Services, call Clean Sweep for Clean Professional Services!Don't use Cut Rite for Cut Rate Services, call Clean Sweep for Clean Professional Services!Don't use Cut Rite for Cut Rate Services, call Clean Sweep for Clean Professional Services!

Clean Sweep Attended Sweeper Summit 2017

With over 120 attendees representing 42 different Member Partner companies and 17 Vendor Partners of 1-800-SWEEPER the 3-day, 2017 Sweeper Summit was a resounding success! For the fifth consecutive year, attendance at Sweeper Summit grew significantly, as did the opportunities for Partners to interact. Before the Summit even got underway, equipment manufacturer TYMCO hosted 1-800-SWEEPER Partners at the company’s Waco, TX training facility.

As in previous years, the Benchmark sessions started on the first official day, allowing participants to discuss in an open, non-competitive atmosphere key business costs for labor, insurance, equipment maintenance, tires, employee turnover, etc. as well as other, relevant metrics that drive bottom line profits and day-to-day operations within our niche sweeping service industry. This highly anticipated part of Sweeper Summit was again led by Tom Noon of Industry Insights.

As Michael Cantel President of Cantel Sweeping commented: “Sweeper Summit attendees came looking to view their numbers as cross-compared with sweeper service peers. The best part is the attendees are not your competitors, you can ask questions and they will be open and honest with you.”

Many participants consider the Benchmarking feature of Sweeper Summit to be enough for it to be recognized as the premier executive level workshop retreat in the power sweeping industry.

Best Practices Training Featured Partners and Vendors

Over the course of the first 2 days, vendor presentations were intermixed with Best Practices workshops led by Member Partners.

Scenic City Studios presented social media management solutions to the 1-800-SWEEPER group specifically designed for Sweeping Industry professionals.

Some specifics: Electronic data control for fleet maintenance via Fleetio was led by Scott Duscher of Agua Trucks, Inc. in Phoenix, AZ. Gerry Kesselring (Contract Sweeping, Columbus, OH) shared his company’s experience setting up a structure and procedures for use of dashcam video recording technology provided by Drive Cam and proper review of videos following an incident. Mark Carter of Peloton Sweeping in Orange County CA took on hiring and employment screening best practices.

Digital marketing sessions included best practices for website marketing within your local reach market led by Rick Brown of NetTrack Marketing in Cleveland OH. Social media marketing – with a focus on optimizing Facebook presence – was facilitated by Derek Rayburn of Scenic City Studios in Chattanooga, TN.

Bob Holdridge of Toledo, OH demonstrated how his company – Progressive Sweeping – uses Eagle Eye Tracking which is a robust web based enterprise management tool for route and job scheduling and reporting, and also includes a billing export feature that allows export to QuickBooks.

Equipment Showcase is the Highlight

Held at the base of the Tower of the Americas in Downtown San Antonio, for many attendees the highlight of the event was a...

Be sure to read the rest of this article at 1-800-SWEEPER.

Chattanooga Power Sweeping Services for HOAs, Gated Communities, Private Communities and more...  Clean Sweep, Inc.Top 10 Benefits of Power Sweeping for HOA, Gated, and Private Communities

Home Owner Associations, gated and private communities are unique. They usually provide a higher measure of privacy than other types of residential properties. However, the properties would never be attractive to tenants and buyers if they remained dirty, untidy, and neglected.

One of the best ways of keeping these communities clean is through power sweeping and related services.

Stormwater:  Everyone usually learns that Power Sweeping is the first defense for stormwater management and keeping your drinking water safe from harmful chemicals, debris and other harzards that may not be filtered out in the water filtration systems of most public water utilities.

The following are 10 additional benefits of power sweeping beyond stormwater management, for these types of communities.

Improved Aesthetic Appeal

One of its major benefits is the aesthetic appeal it increases in the HOA, gated and private communities. The parking areas, driveways, and pavement surfaces within these communities will remain clean, thus making them more beautiful.

Reduced Amount of Dirt

Apart from this, it cuts the amount of dirt, chemicals, fuel, debris and other fugitive particles that become tracked into the residential properties and garages within these communities. Consequently, homeowners in these communities enjoy an improved quality of life, improved air quality and longer lasting flooring.

Increases Property Values

Power sweeping helps homeowners who want to sell their properties to fetch higher value. The reason for this is clean, well-kept properties often attract higher rates. Clean sidewalks, streets, and pavements make the properties more valuable.

Saves Time

Power sweeping is a time-saver. Many communities fall under federal and state guidelines that require some form of street cleaning and storm water management, power sweeping is an amazing alternative to attempting to sweep all the parking areas, streets, or driveways by hand. It takes less time compared to hiring a team of cleaners who would spend hours on end sweeping a limited space.

Saves Money

Additionally, power sweeping is cost effective. Guidelines often include EPA fines, local fines or other requirements that could spiral out of control and ultimately cost more than the preventative effort of hiring a power sweeping service from the beginning.

Positive Impact on the Environment

Power sweeping is great for the entire environment. It does not spread or distribute dirt and debris all over the place. Instead, sucks all dirt and debris into its collection chambers where it is hauled off and disposed of in an environmentally friendly and often times regulated process.

Not Noisy

Power sweeping is not as noisy as you might think.  Most modern sweeping vehicles have been engineered to be more effective than ever before while emitting lower noise pollution than other commercial vehicles throughout the industry. Therefore, the sweeper can proceed with its work without anybody noticing, for the most part. It does not inconvenience the residents of the HOAs, gated and private communities. Power sweeping services can even be scheduled during daytime hours while families are away at work and school or in early morning hours when people are usually fast asleep.

Reduces Member Complaints

Power sweeping also reduces and in some cases eliminates complaints by members or residents of these communities. Where complaints regarding noise pollution, disruption, and damage to cars or property have been rife, the professional power sweeping company will improve the quality of life for the entire community.

Protects Pavement Surfaces

Power sweeping protects the pavement surfaces. It reduces the rate at which these surfaces deteriorate. The abrasive and destructive nature of sand, dirt, fuel leaks, chemicals, spills and any other type of debris makes them dangerous to the pavement surfaces. In the end, it helps the entire community save money that would have gone into repairs or in most cases, a shortened lifespan of the entire pavement system resulting in quicker need to contract a completely new street surface.

Good for Landscaped Areas

Lastly, power sweeping protects the landscaped areas within your communities. In areas that are not protected by the benefits of power sweeping, the chemicals and other hard debris will eventually permeate the rich soils required for a beautiful landscape and eventually destroy or at the very least reduce it’s overall curb appeal look.

Contact Clean Sweep, Inc. today at 1-800-SWEEPER for a quick consultation and let us help you with stormwater management and mitigation,as well as all your power sweeping needs. Visit our website at Your HOA, gated or private community will look better than ever before once our power sweeping trucks take to the streets.

Lee-Smith, Inc. Clean Sweep - Customer Appreciation 2017Clean Sweep is proud to do business with Lee Smith, Inc. While we have our own maintenance crew and perform all of our own preventative maintenance, when it comes to major work, we always call on Lee Smith, Inc.  Transmission replacements and total engine repair, we know Lee Smith, Inc. has the experience and staff to handle the big jobs.  

Every Autumn, Lee Smith, Inc. holds their annual customer appreciation lunch to say thank you to their loyal customers.  This year was full of amazing people and great food! The delicious lunch was served by Bones' Smokehouse with Chicken Chili, Brunswick Stew, Gumbo (one of our favorites), Cornbread, Banana Pudding and Bread Pudding.  

The crew at Clean Sweep wants to thank each of the staff at Lee Smith, Inc. not only for the work they did hosting a great event but for the dedicated and quality service they provide when we call on them.

Thanks Lee Smith, Inc.!

Lee Smith, Inc. 2017 Clean Sweep

Lee Smith Trucks at Customer Appreciation Lunch 2017 - Clean Sweep, Inc. Lee Smith Tent at Customer Appreciation Lunch 2017 - Clean Sweep, Inc. Lee Smith Tent at Customer Appreciation Lunch 2017 - Clean Sweep, Inc. 


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