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UTC Fuel Spill - Clean Sweep assisted Highway Environmental Services in their Hazmat Response efforts to return the environment to a clean safe zone for students of UTC.

Chattanooga Fire Department Hazmat crews responded to a fuel leak in the 300 block of MLK Boulevard on Monday, August 14th 2017. 

The spill was from diesel fuel leaked by a Waste Connections truck. Waste Connections is the company that provides trash services for the local college, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga.

There were no injuries and while there is no clear estimate on the amount of fuel that spilled, Clean Sweep, Inc. and Highway Environmental Response teams were called in to perform the clean up in a safe and responsible method.

The two companies have years of experience in Environmental clean up and responses.  The spill was cleaned completely and the area was returned to a safe condition by Monday evening. 

When it comes to world class service on a local level, Clean Sweep was an obvious first call.  Their assistance was crucial in the efforts to reopen the UTC MAPP Building Parking Lot and reduce overall impact to Faculty and Students.


Chattanooga Environmental Clean Up by Clean Sweep, Inc.


National Water Quality Month - Nine Steps You Can Do Now To Improve Water Quality - Power Sweeping - 1800SWEEPERAugust is National Water Quality Month in the United States.
Emphasizing how interlinked water systems are, the Audobon Society points to the dangers of runoff from agriculture, forestry, construction and people's personal yards:
"Each individual household may not produce enough pollution to force a beach closing or cause a fish kill, but the combined output of all the homes in a community can be severe. And, consider that about half of the U.S. population lives within 50 miles of a coastline where runoff flows quickly to the ocean. This is why watershed protection — attention not only to the body of water but the area that drains into it — is important."
The Environmental Protection Agency, which reports that 40 percent of the nations waterways suffer water quality problems, has a detailed watershed database, which allows users to locate which watershed they live in and learn about how polluted it is and what actions they can take to protect their regional water quality.
Clean Sweep offers the following Nine Steps You Can Do Now for individuals and families to prevent water pollution from their homes:
  1. Not using antibacterial soaps or cleaning products
  2. Not flushing unwanted medications down the toilet or drain
  3. Not putting anything but water down storm drains
  4. Fixing leaks that drop from cars
  5. Liners in driveways to collect oil and other materials
  6. Avoid using pesticides or chemical fertilizers
  7. Choosing nontoxic household products when possible
  8. Picking up after pets
  9. Paving properties with permeable pavement solutions



Permeable Pavement and Porous Sweeping

Storm water runoff poses many risky implications on city infrastructure. Property owners and developers are under pressure to seek innovative ways to effectively manage runoff to mitigate the tightening of environmental and local regulations. A cost-effective solution introduces the integration of permeable pavement as an infiltration system. It is essential to understand that upkeep of these new systems is a little different from that of traditional pavement materials used in surfaces for parking lots, driveways, alleys, footpaths, and etc.

Stormwater runoff contributes a large amount of water to our sewer systems. It gets worse. In many older cities, sewage and runoff share the same underground pipe systems. This means – sewage overflow can easily flow into local rivers and streams.

Permeable Surfaces

Permeable Pavement is an excellent solution to stormwater management and even provides for increased safety in extreme conditions such as flash flooding and freezing temperatures.

Three types of permeable surfaces are becoming increasingly popular amongst property owners and developers as a solution to the runoff crisis. They are: 

  • Porous asphalt
  • Porous concrete
  • Interlocking paver blocks

Permeable pavement is highly porous – thus, susceptible to complications from a host of different factors. If proper maintenance and cleaning techniques are not implemented, the sustainability of these materials will waiver over the duration of time.

Adequate measures must be taken to maintain such porous materials, or they run the risk of losing efficacy. Loss of efficacy will render its original purpose meaningless.

Cleaning porous asphalt or concrete can be challenging when traditional methods of cleaning non-porous surfaces are enlisted. Unlike traditional pavement, these surfaces are comprised of multiple layers. As water drains from the surface, the drainage process will continue from a sub-layer. These layers filter pollutants from the water, causing the accumulation of debris in pervious spaces.

Why Clean Sweep, Inc.?

Clean Sweep, Inc. is well-equipped with the highest performing power sweeping vehicles that are ideal for cleaning surfaces made of porous pavement. Professional power washing services are provided through pressure washing and street sweeping. Enlisting the services of Clean Sweep, Inc. will ensure these infiltration systems are performing at their very best.

Experienced personnel provide fast, reliable service – eliminating much of the fine debris and sediments that can plug pervious surfaces. Routine cleaning of porous pavement will prevent buildup of debris such as silt, cement derivative, decomposed plant matter – allowing proper drainage to occur.

Porous pavement systems are ideal when seeking the best water flow management practice. These systems are easily sustained, and a cost-effective solution to reducing runoff. The success of these drainage systems are highly contingent on the adoption of routine cleaning practices that have been designed specifically for such systems – such as the services offered by Clean Sweep, Inc..

If you have questions about Porous pavements systems and the best management practices of ownership, even if you are just considering installing a permeable pavement system or you have had one for years, call us for a consultation on what it takes to get the best out of these solutions.  Call Clean Sweep, Inc. at 1-800-SWEEPER.


Chattanooga Fire Department and Fire Training Center Extrication Training and Testing - Three Day Event Cleaned Up By Clean Sweep, Inc.On April 8th, 2017, Firefighters from Hamilton County and surrounding counties came together at the Chattanooga Fire Department Training Center to training on advanced vehicle extrication. This training and testing provided newer firefighters with the tools and knowledge to help save lives while also allowing seasoned first responders to share with each other and others in training their real world experiences.  The coming together of the regions firefighting crews is an annual event and is held in different locations each time.  The training was setup with several different scenarios from cars pinned under tractor trailers, vehicles wrapped around telephone poles, cars with crushed roofs, drivers impaled and various other real world scenarios based on existing historical response reports from the area. The test dummies used in each test were set with triggers that would report success or failure during the extrication.  Some of these tests were as simple as placing a bottle of water on the dummy that would spill if the patient was moved more than needed for a successful life saving extrication.

When Hamilton County and the Chattanooga Fire Department's Training Center was selected for this year's extrication training event, the chief made a personal visit to Clean Sweep, Inc. Chief Rip Rohen from Hamilton County, Tennessee's Fire Department and Emergency Services, asked Clean Sweep to help out the first responders in this honored hosting of the vehicle extrication training and testing at the local training center. Without hesitation, Peter Phillips of Clean Sweep, Inc. committed to helping clean up the mess after the three day event.

Chattanooga Fire Department and Fire Training Center Extrication Training and Testing - Three Day Event Cleaned Up By Clean Sweep, Inc.






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