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EPA considers "Power Sweeping" a "Best Management Practice" for municipalities and businesses of all sizes.

Power sweeping is considered a Best Management Practice under the EPA Clean Water Act and Clean Air Act. Here are some of the major reasons why maintaining a regular frequency of municipal sweeping, as well as mandating a rigorous level of sweeping on construction sites, is more important than ever before:Chattanooga Storm Water EPA Compliance with Clean Sweep Inc.

  • Sweeping was started in the early 1900s for ‘cosmetic’ reasons. Today, material on the street has a much higher potential for being hazardous than ever before.
  • Health issues from fugitive dust are responsible for over 1 million cases of asthma per year.
  • Studies show that air sweepers and broom sweepers can pick up pollutants at a cost of less than $5 and $10 per pound, respectively. In contrast, a study by CalTrans showed that capturing pollutants in the runoff stream averages a whopping $35 per pound – and that didn’t include the cost of the real estate needed for most end-of-the-pipe retrofits.
  • PM10-compliant street sweeping is a recognized Best Management Practice for construction and community compliance with NPDES Phase II storm water run-off program.
  • When roadway debris is kept cleaned up, citizens take more pride of ownership in their locale and tend to throw less litter from their vehicles.
  • Weekly sweeping and cleaning is proven to maintain particulate compliance and can reduce suspended solids in downstream receiving waters by more than 75% (Source: EPA 832-F-99).
  • When sand, grit and other smaller micron debris, especially, is allowed to accumulate on roadways, the road surface becomes more slippery and can contribute to a higher risk of accidents.
  • Sand, dirt and other trash are abrasive, and will shorten the useful life of pavement, as well as the length of service time of any sealcoating, striping, etc.
  • Having a regular sweeping program enhances community pride, perceived quality of life, and also has health and safety implications.
  • When debris, that is a food source, remains unswept for a long enough period, it will attract rodents and other potentially disease-carrying or dangerous animals.

Reprinted by permission from WorldSweeper.


Implementing an EZ topsoil screener in their process will allow Clean Sweep to separate recyclables, trash from sweepings and yield topsoil.  Their environmental goal in 2016 is have a zero landfill operation.  Zero landfill is an enviable designation that very few companies have achieved and can sustain.

Red Bank Tennessee Clean Sweep “Not much thought is given when a sweeper vacuum truck is on a lot picking up the obvious consumer debris from the shopping center; Fast food bags, paper cups, gaggle of cigarette butts, and the occasional diaper littering your neighborhood favorite grocery, strip center, or mall. On the surface of the lot lie the remaining two thirds of material in hundreds of pounds of raveling asphalt, sediment, dirt, and sand.  All waiting to be flushed into our storm water drains and polluting our waste water plant and eventually our rivers” says local Clean Sweep owner Pete Phillips.

Chattanooga Top Soil Filtering

According to EPA “ Streets, roads, highways and parking lots accumulate significant amounts of pollutants that contribute to stormwater pollutant runoff to surface waters. Pollutants, including sediment, debris, trash, road salt, and trace metals can be minimized by street sweeping. Street sweeping can also improve the aesthetics of municipal roadways, control dust and decrease the accumulation of pollutants in catch basins.”

Chattanooga Top Soil Filtering

We’re doing our small part to be stewards and redirect natural resources and recyclables for the betterment of community and citizens.

Clean Sweep has been owned and directed by the Phillips family since 1984. Since its inception Clean Sweep has been serving property managers, roadbuilders, and industry as a total exterior facilities company.  All while keeping a strong focus on street & parking lot sweeping.




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