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Clean Sweep, Inc. and our staff stay up to date and fully trained on all Water Quality Standards and Requirements as regulated by the EPA as well as State and Local requirements. 

Clean Sweep can help you stay NPDES compliant.seal epaClean Sweep makes sure only rain goes down the drain.Tennessee Storm Water Mitigation Solutions Provider: Clean Sweap, Inc.EPA Clean Water Act

Effective water quality management is a vital step towards ecologically sustainable development. Water is vital for life, as a water supply for people, for the diverse ecosystems on which we depend, for agriculture, industry and recreation. Water and access to clean water is one of the cornerstones of being a first world nation. Without it, we would lose our strong position in the global economy.  From large corporate entities to individual Home Owner Associations, we each have an important roll to play in maintaining our water quality and standards.  Contact us today to see how we make this an easy part of your operation by managing your water quailty requirements for you.

Nothing But Rain Goes Down The DrainNothing But Rain Goes Down The Drain.

The City of Chattanooga/Public Works has a specialized office that provides developers with both plans review and site inspection services. This office follows a Standard Operating Procedure which corresponds with State of TN Erosion and Sediment Control Handbook. 

Each year, billions of gallons of runoff laden with trash, nutrients, metals and other pollutants flow into waterways. Storm water runoff is one of the fastest growing sources of pollution across the country and it can overwhelm wastewater systems and overflow sewers.


Nothing But Rain Goes Down The Drain - Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama and North CarolinaStorm water management is required for Home Owner Associations and Private Street owners.  These regulations can come with stiff fines if you fail inspections. Reach out to Clean Sweep, Inc. today and let us help you solve your Storm Water Managment needs before they get out of control or cost you in expensive fines.

 From housing contruction projects to industrial parking lots, Storm Water management can be a easy to manage and understand when you have professionals like Clean Sweep, Inc. on your side.




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