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Clean Sweep, Inc. is Your "One Call Service Company". 

Chattanooga Professional Porter and Window Washing Services

Our porter services provide custom programs for all impact areas with continuous services, on-boarding and safety training as well as compliance with all labor laws, EPA regulations and local regulations. Clean Sweep Inc.'s porter services are excellent for multi-tenant properties with parking areas and high traffic count. But no worry, we can accommodate a facility of any size, and any industry.


We take care of your tenant spaces.

Cleaning after a tenant departure for a full vacancy clean-out, papering windows, changing door locks, washing windows, boarding broken windows and doors, wiping windowsills and replacement of ceiling tiles. We can open vacant properties for review or for your specialty maintenance vendors.  

Remote Property Management ServicesKeeping your structures clean and ready for business is your business.  Never be worried about what you property is going to look like when you arrive to show it to someone important.  We even take care of the simple things like sweeping the spider webs away, picking up lose litter, cleaning up the flowerbeds and keeping them looking fresh.  When is the last time someone cleaned the lids to your trash cans? The little details are just a few of the things that always seem to get overlooked, however, they are just as important to the overall look and feel of a property as the clean windows.


Bulk Refuse Hauling

It is common in commercial spaces to find the need to haul off large amounts of debris whether it is construction debris or abandoned tenant property, we take care of bulk refuse and large debris removal and hauling to landfill or the appropriate recycling facility. We have the man power and equipment to take care of it quickly and leave behind a clean facility.


Painting and Graffiti Removal

Has your facility been "tagged" or painted with graffiti? Do you have railings, bollards, pole bases, dumpster gates, signs or compactors that are looking extremely aged? We can paint your heavy duty metal bases and gates as well as paint your tenant spaces, professionally and in a timely manor. Every day that your property doesn't look it's best is another day you are not meeting your best potential in return on investment. Even if you own a tenant occupied property, the success of your tenants determines the overall success of your property. 


Does the lighting around your property look dated, or leave your property dark at night? 

Let us handle the lighting replacement for your facilities, from simple bulb replacement to full blown fixture and lighting surveys and new lighting installations. 


Did you know that we even have snow plow capabilities and professional parking lot and private street ice melt capabilities? The city and county may take care of our roads but they do not take care of private business lots or streets.




Porter Cleaning & Specialty Services

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    Cindy Phillips, CSM, Atlanta Regional Property Manager
    "I have managed commercial properties for over 20 years and I am always pleased to recommend contractors that perform with excellence and continually go above and beyond their contracted scope of work. Cleans Sweep is one of those rare contractors."

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