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Established in 1984, Clean Sweep Inc. has more than 30 years’ experience in industrial sweeping services. Our teams are licensed and ready to meet compliance requirements for your corporation.

Industrial Sweeping Services

Our industrial sweeping company will keep your parking lot and surroundings up to the professional standards that best reflect your brand image. We also provide interior industrial sweeping services for large-scale warehouses and factories. Maintaining a clean industrial space provides these benefits:

  • Increases the lifespan of parking lots and industrial spaces by removing dirt, debris, and other abrasive materials
  • Ensures your business meets EPA, NPDES, and other industrial regulatory compliance agencies and avoids hefty fines
  • Improves storm water and runoff drainage
  • Protects your brand perception in the community

Our industrial sweeping service is available in the following cities:

Our comprehensive industrial sweeping services for your industrial complex, will strengthen your brand.  Contact our office today for a no-obligation quote on services.

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