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Clean Sweep, Inc - State Government Sweeping Contract with Moccasin Bend Health Institute - Saving Tax Dollars.The Challenge:

  • Find a cost effective solution to maintain the appearance and environmental impact of the hardscapes around the facilities of Moccasin Bend Hospital.


  • Moccasin Bend Hospital requested our services.
    • We were instructed to remove debris and vegetation from parking lot and curb lines.
    • Due to maintenance staffing shortfall the hospitals parking lots had fallen into disrepair.
    • Clean Sweep came out and inspected the hardscapes at the facility.
    • Clean Sweep provide a detailed plan of action.
    • Clean Sweep broke the plan into days, to best hanbdle the displaced parking issues.
    • Clean Sweep partnered with the maintenance staff to block off parking areas.
    • Clean Sweep provided the only equipment that could get the job done.

Before and After State Government Power Sweeping Job by Clean Sweep, Inc.Why Clean Sweep:

  • The lack of the right equipment and man power to get the job done was the hospitals main reason for looking for service.
  • Clean Sweep Inc. has contract with the City of Chattanooga and is one of the only NAPSA certified sweeping companies in the area.
  • With 30 years of excellent customer service Clean Sweep was an easy choice.

The Solution:

  • Clean Sweep Inc. with 30+ years of experience provides its clients with peace of mind. We are the cost effective solution that helps mitigate environmental issues along with improving the appearance of your facilities.

 The overall issues with the Moccasin Bend Health Institute project were expanding cracks and deteriorating pavement due to weed and grass growth left unattended for long periods of time. While unkept grass and weed issues may seem like a way to save costs, in the long run, these issues will destroy entire parking lots and making them not only unsafe to drive on, but equally unsafe to walk on resulting in a total replacement, at extensive costs.  Clean Sweep, Inc. corrected the issues and provided a plan for Moccasin Bend and the City of Chattanooga for long term maintenance and care.   


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