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Aggregate Recovery by Clean Sweep, Inc. The Challenge:

  • Provide aggregate recovery solutions to paving company contracted by the Alabama Department of Transportation to save tax payer expenses.


  • Baldwin Paving Company, Inc Contracted Us
    • We were instructed to recover a special High Friction Surface Treatment aggregate.
    • Due to the specialized need for aggregate recovery, our equipment was modified specifically for the task.
    • Clean Sweep reviewed the aggregate and methodologies used by Baldwin Paving Co.
    • Clean Sweep provided a detailed plan of action.
    • Clean Sweep scheduled equipment and staff to be available for the entire project.
    • Clean Sweep partnered with Baldwin Paving Co. to receive the recovered aggregate.
    • Clean Sweep provided the only equipment that could get the job done.

Why Clean Sweep:

  • The lack of the right equipment to get the job done was the Baldwin Pavement Company Inc's main reason for contracting us.
  • Clean Sweep Inc. has contract contracted with Baldwin Paving Company Inc. many times in the past.
  • With 30 years of excellent customer service Clean Sweep was an easy choice.

The Solution:

  • Clean Sweep Inc. modified one of the dumping chambers on an Elgin Power Sweeper truck to assist in the most aggregate recovery possible. Scheduled times to be on the job and provided aggregate sweeping services as the High Friction Surface Treatment was dry enough to pick up lose aggregate and return back to Baldwin Paving Company. 
  • It was estimated that each container of aggregate cost the tax payers $1,000 each.  On the final day of application and recovery, Baldwin Paving Company laid down eight containers of aggregate and Clean Sweep, Inc. recovered five of those containers for reuse on another project.  
  • Prior to Clean Sweep being contracted with Baldwin Paving Company, Alabama DOT reported that this aggregate was simply "blown" off the road to rest in the grass and make it's way down into the soil and eventually the watertable. 


High Friction Surface Treatment - Clean Sweep, Inc. Aggregate Recovery

Step 1: Baldwin Paving Company, Inc. Applied Glue To Road Surface.


step2 spread aggregate

Step 2: Baldwin Paving Company, Inc. Spread Aggregate On Glue.


step3 watch aggregate dry

Step 3: Check Aggregate & Glue for Stabilization.


step4 sweep remaining aggre

Step 4: Clean Sweep, Inc. Sweeps Up Loose Aggregate


step5 efficiency

Step 5: Clean Sweep, Inc. Monitor Efficiency of Aggregate Recovery


step6 deliver aggregate

Step 6: Clean Sweep, Inc. Delivered Recovered Aggregate




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