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The housing development industry is part of America's backbone and when Contractors are rolling out new neighborhoods with phase developoment dates, the last thing you want is early residents to talk badly about the state of their new neighborhood before you complete the last structure on the last lot. We have the experience and know how to come in at the end of the day and sweep the neighborhood streets clean of debris.  We can even manage your debris and refuse hauling needs. Designate an error at each project for refuse pickup and we will do the rest. You have a country of happy residents to build, let us take care of the distractions you face. 

  • Housing Debris Hauling
  • Certified sweeping service assures safety and capability
  • GPS Tracking
  • Street Sweeping
  • Street Painting and Striping

Construction Project Considerations

  • Chattanooga Area Construction and Contractor Sweeping ServicesMake sure your debris-dumping location is appropriate to handle the type of waste generated. For example, when sweeping up material from sand blasting when stripes are removed from the road, the load can contain hazardous material. Contracts typically state that the customer provides a legal disposal site and maintains possession of debris in terms of liability.
  • Proper safety equipment on a sweeper is paramount. Flashing lights, flags, and slow-moving-vehicle triangles are necessary. Make sure any sweeper on your jobsite has the safety equipment needed for any situation and/or that is required by statute in that location. Also provide them with the proper construction signage to let people know they are entering a construction zone and construction equipment is operating in the area. This can help slow traffic down, and really helps your legal defense if someone blows through the cones and hits a construction vehicle (or worker) on your site.
  • Consider getting a sweeper onto your construction site before an agency inspector requires it. The service will be less expensive due to prior planning, and it will be good public relations for your project to nearby neighbors.
  • In most parts of the country, taking water from a hydrant without permission or a meter is stealing. Don't expect a reputable sweeping contractor to do so. Make the necessary arrangements with the local jurisdiction for where the sweeper can get metered water.
  • Prior to getting bids for services, supply sweeping contractors with any needed information about issues surrounding the job. These include prevailing wage requirements, insurance needed, whether a contractor's license is required, any state or county regulations concerning air quality, and so on.
  • Be sure you are aware of all licenses needed for sweeping, as well as air quality jurisdiction requirements, and so on. Regulations are, these days, in a constant state of change. It's important to stay on top of whatever is the latest.
  • When you evaluate a sweeping contractor, make sure they have an office staff that answers the phone and that you can reach someone knowledgeable when you need them. Confirm that they have a replacement sweeper just in case the one on your job breaks down. Is their equipment in good shape? Are their drivers trained? When you look at their drivers, consider whether or not they are someone you'd have on your own crew.


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