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Have you been asked to get into Regulatory Compliance? We can help!

Clean Sweep can help you stay NPDES compliant.seal epaClean Sweep makes sure only rain goes down the drain.Tennessee Storm Water Mitigation Solutions Provider: Clean Sweap, Inc.EPA Clean Water Act

Industrial facilities require specific types of sweeping and scrubbing services. When the EPA is involved, they will require Air Quality, Water Quality and other specifications to be met and checked for compliance.  We have experience helping you keep everything in check.  Give us a call today and let us show you the easy way into compliance. We have the experience and professionalism required to take care of your facilities areas.

Did you know thousands of pounds of dirt, dust and debris per year travel into the work place on the bottom of your employees feet?  We can help with that! 

Industrial Sweeping SolutionsIt’s a fact that it is essential to keep your company’s parking lot area clean and dirt free so that you can have a positive first impression on your visitors and employees. Maintaining and sweeping your company’s parking lot on a regular basis is essential in today’s challenging economic environment. Furthermore it is also important to do commercial parking lot sweeping to keep your parking lot clean of dust, dripped splotches of oil and pollution caused by the various vehicles that are parked in your lot. Removing these chemicals and debris from your employee lots will help keep your business clean and efficient and the product or service you offer will benefit with increased profitability.

Our operators are trained in specific Industrial Regulatory Compliance needs and they have the experience to ensure you receive the quality service you require.

The commercial parking lot sweeping done by our professional team at Clean Sweep Inc. will keep your company’s parking lot clean and tidy at all times. We use the most modern and up-to-date sweeping techniques that will remove all the dust, abrasive dirt and debris that reduces the life span of a parking lot area’s life.

We understand that the repairing and sweeping of a parking deck can be costly for clients especially, if they would like to get it done on a regular basis. Therefore, we offer the most cost-effective and budget friendly commercial and industrial sweeping solutions. Parking lot sweeping is also considered to be a best management practice, as it helps to effectively curtail the effects of storm water runoff and harmful debris. With a regularly scheduled sweeping program, you will be able to keep your premises free from contaminants and as a benefit, you will comply with the environmental regulations standards set by your local and state laws. Keeping up with these regulations is also the best way to avoid paying hefty fines as a result of non-compliance with environmental regulations. So be sure to contact us today for a regular parking lot sweeping program.

We know you have an enormous task at hand and that is why we are the easy decision. Give us a call.  We have all our insurance, bonding and certifications in order and ready for your complaince efforts.

At Clean Sweep Inc. we understand that each location and business is unique. Therefore, our sweeping staff will organize their schedule according to your business schedule. We will also take into consideration your business parking patterns, traffic and office hours so as to provide complete satisfaction to our clients. With our efficient equipment and quick service you will get the most cost-effective and reliable sweeping service. All the sweepers at Universal Site Services are trained by licensed and insured environmental technicians, which assures that we will only offer the most reliable and dependable sweeping services.




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